Project Management

We have an expert team of office furniture specialists that is ready to assist you in navigating through our furniture designs to develop an affordable furniture package that meets your budgetary requirements. Once you contact us and we understand your requirements, our own manager will also assist you in evolving an Initial Furniture Plan and Budget for your project so that you can see the big picture early in your planning process and know what to realistically expect. In the event that the Initial Budget that we develop for you is over your budget limit, we can assist in the furniture items in your Quote to lower your budget total while maintaining the desired design concept. Our head office is the planning hub for all our furniture projects in general, so when you order a furniture package from us it will ship to a receiving in your area. We will then schedule an installation date with you and our professional office furniture installers will deliver and install your furniture. If your building management requires that we do the furniture off-loading “after-hours”, we are able to accommodate that. In addition, if you require an “after-hours” or weekend installation we are able to work with those requests as well. We also coordinate with your building management on providing the necessary Certificate of Insurance required for our installers to perform your furniture installation in your office space. Once on site, we protect wall and floor surfaces if necessary and arrange for the disposal of packing cartons and materials. Our professional installation team knows what to do and when to do it. All installations are scheduled with you and your building management and our installers follow a predetermined installation plan. Their work is not done until the furniture is wiped down, levelled, adjusted, checked and accepted by you. It is optimal to get Strong Project involved early in the planning process, preferably at project inception. We can then produce a Initial Budget and Furniture Plan for your project or furniture package at a point when you are making critical financial and sometimes decisions for your office space. You will get the big picture early when you need it. Also, our modern office furniture designs are made per your order and normally take from 2-3 weeks to produce…in some rare cases it could be longer, so you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to contact us.

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